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Mark Sklar: Doctoring in the Age of #ObamaCare

In The Wall Street Journal, Mark Sklar writes about endlessly entering data or calling for permission to prescribe or trying to avoid Medicare penalties—when should I see patients? Sklar writes:

The patient should be the arbiter of the physician’s quality of care. Contrary to what our government may believe, the average American has the intellectual capacity to judge. To give people more control of their medical choices, we should move away from third-party payment. t may be more prudent to offer the public a high-deductible insurance plan with a tax-deductible medical savings account that people could use until the insurance deductible is reached. Members of the public thus would be spending their own health-care dollars and have an incentive to shop around for better value. This would encourage competition among providers and ultimately lower health-care costs.

Mark Sklar: Doctoring in the Age of ObamaCare – WSJ.

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The Battle Of The Narrative: How Ordinary Americans Can Fight ObamaCare

At Forbes, Paul Hsieh, MD writes:

As the problems of ObamaCare inevitably emerge, the big question will be whether they will be blamed on the residual free-market elements of our health system or on the new government controls. This will be the battle of the “narrative.” …

If we let the government shift responsibility for ObamaCare’s problems onto the residual private sector, those problems will eventually be used to justify a government-run “single payer” system. On the other hand, if Americans hold the government appropriately responsible, we stand a chance at adopting genuine free-market health reforms. …

The government is already planning its own health care propaganda campaign aimed at the American people. …

Ordinary Americans can fight back by speaking out against the government narrative when appropriate with family and friends.

Read the whole article: The Battle Of The Narrative: How Ordinary Americans Can Fight ObamaCare – Forbes.

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Ten Reasons ObamaCare is a Government Takeover of Health Care

From the Galen Institute’s Resource Guide for Candidates:

Ten Reasons ObamaCare is
A Government Takeover of Health Care
The 2,700-page Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act created the architecture for the government-controlled health care system that the administration is busily constructing through thousands of pages of regulation. Yet some argue that ObamaCare isn’t a government takeover of health care. Here are ten reasons why it is:
  1. MANDATES For the first time ever, the federal government will force citizens to use their own money to purchase a private product. The fact that the Supreme Court says the penalty for not complying is a tax does not diminish this breathtaking assertion of federal authority. Americans now are compelled to purchase an expensive health insurance product every month for their entire lives. What’s the next purchase the government will compel?
  2. GOVERNMENT DECIDES The federal government will also determine what health care benefits are “essential” — not us, not our doctors, but government bureaucrats.
  3. REGULATIONS Doctors and hospitals will face an avalanche of new reporting rules to make sure they are providing medical services that fit the government’s definition of “quality care.”
  4. 159 NEW BUREAUCRACIES The legislation creates at least 159 new boards, commissions, and programs that will rule over virtually every corner of the health care sector.
  5. STATES The states are being treated like contractors to the federal government, not sovereign entities empowered by the Constitution. They are ordered to set up new exchange bureaucracies lest the federal government sweep in and do it for them.
  6. EMPLOYER MANDATE Any employer with more than 50 employees must provide government-decreed health insurance to its workers — or face financial penalties.
  7. LOSING CURRENT COVERAGE Nearly 80 million people will not have the option of keeping the coverage they get through their jobs, according to results of a survey from McKinsey & Company. Many of them will be forced into the government-run health insurance exchanges.
  8. HIGHER SPENDING ObamaCare dramatically expands the number of people whose health coverage will be paid for entirely or in part by taxpayers, giving the government more power to decide which medical services millions more people will receive — or not.
  9. PRIVACY In order to parcel out taxpayer subsidies for insurance, the government and employers are going to need to know a lot more about us. An estimated 16,500 more IRS agents will be needed to check on our income and any changes to family status and our compliance with this massive new law.
  10. PUBLIC PLANS The law creates the infrastructure for public plans by requiring a federal agency to sponsor at least two national health plans. If private plans are crushed by ObamaCare’s regulations or simply turned into government contractors, these government plans could dominate the market, leading to the government-run health care system that the majority of Americans deplore.

We hope you find this Pro Patient Minute useful. Please feel free to circulate this to friends, family, and associates who need to know the truth about ObamaCare. The whole series is available on our website as Galen Guides. I encourage you to use these resources, distribute them to your networks, and share your ideas with us about how to reach as many people as possible with this message. Our freedom hangs in the balance!

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ObamaCare vs. Personalized Healthcare choices

At Forbes, John C. Goodman has two articles on personalized medical care:

Personalized Healthcare Choice vs. Government Mandated Obamacare, Part 1, by John C. Goodman (Forbes, 9/18/12). Excerpt:

Personalized medicine is the future. It’s where the science is going. It’s where the technology is going. It’s where doctors and patients will want to go. Yet, unfortunately for many of us, this is not where the Obama administration wants to go.

Can Personalized Healthcare Survive Obamacare’s Medicine Assembly Line?, by John Goodman (Forbes, 9/20/12)

We are entering the age of personalized medicine, where the therapy that’s best for you will be based on your physiology and genetic makeup – and may not be right for any other patient.

Yet standing in the way of this boundless potential is an Obama administration whose entire approach to health reform revolves around the idea that patients are not unique and that bureaucrats can develop standardized treatments that will apply to almost everybody with a given condition. When former White House health adviser Ezekiel Emanuel told CNN recently that “personalized medicine is a myth,” he was fully reflecting the worldview of the authors of health reform.

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In Top Journal, Obamacare Boosters Push ‘Global Spending Target’

Paul Hsieh, MD writes:

Free-market economists have long known that “controls breed controls.” In health care, leading Obamacare supporters are now proposing unprecedented new government controls over all medical spending — private as well as public — to “solve” problems caused by prior controls. Welcome to ObamaCare 2.0. …

In particular, voters should be aware of five key points:

1) This means rationing. …

2) Get ready for the lobbyist feeding frenzy. …

3) The government will exert increasing control over how doctors can practice. …

4) Controls breed controls. …

5) We need free-market reforms more than ever. …

The proposed cap on private medical spending would also prevent Americans from spending their health care dollars as they wished. Obamacare 2.0 would mean unprecedented government control over our health care — and our lives.

Read more at PJ Media » In Top Journal, Obamacare Boosters Push ‘Global Spending Target’.

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Is President Obama’s Prostate Gland More Important Than Yours?

Paul Hsieh, MD writes:

When President Obama had his routine physical last year, he enjoyed the freedom to consult with his doctors, weigh the pros and cons of PSA testing, and decide for himself what was in his best medical interest. But under ObamaCare, the President will not allow you that same freedom. Instead, the federal government will decide for you.

Is that fair? Is President Obama’s prostate gland more important than yours?

via Is President Obama’s Prostate Gland More Important Than Yours? – Forbes.

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#thanksobamacare – Your doctor won’t be accountable to you, but to “society”

Paul Hsieh, MD writes:

[U]nder ObamaCare, your doctor will be increasingly pressured into sacrificing your individual medical interests for a nebulous “social justice.”

In traditional Western medical ethics, a doctor’s fundamental responsibility is to practice to the best of his ability for his patient’s benefit. But lately, doctors are being taught a radical new collectivist medical ethics where the “social good” trumps the individual patient’s welfare. …

Physicians should sacrifice the interests of their individual patients to save money for the collective.

Read the whole article at Town Hall: Who Will Your Doctor Work For Under ObamaCare?.

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