Arkansas Deal with HHS on Medicaid Expansion a Model for Colorado

At Complete Colorado, Linda Gorman of the Independent Institute writes:

Health and Human Services has agreed that Arkansas can pay premiums for commercial insurance purchased through the state’s health insurance exchange using the federal funding that would have gone to expand Medicaid.  …

For those who are not disabled, commercial insurance is more flexible than Medicaid and offers better access to health care. Medicaid reimbursement for specialist care lies far below commercial reimbursement amounts. People with Medicaid coverage often also have a difficult time accessing specialists. …

The possibility of a deal with Health and Human Services gives Colorado officials a rare chance to improve the medical care available to low-income people by shaking off the shackles of Medicaid.

Read more: Arkansas Deal with HHS on Medicaid Expansion a Model for Colorado | Complete Colorado – Page Two.

See also: “Arkansas’s unusual plan to expand Medicaid,” in the Washington Post.

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