What Do Actual Doctors Think About Obamacare Now?

At Forbes, Scott Atlas, M.D., writes:

Meanwhile, contrary to those doctors selected to legitimize ObamaCare in the staged media event (where the White House actually handed out white lab coats to generate the image of official credibility), an overwhelming 70 percent of doctors said, even back in 2011, that they disagreed with the AMA’s position on health reform, while only 13 percent agreed with it. In fact, almost half of doctors in that survey even went so far as to say that the AMA stance on ObamaCare was the factor causing them to drop AMA membership. …

Last month, in answer to the question “Which of the following best describes your feelings about the ACA?” 55 percent of more than 3,000 doctors chose “repeal and replace” whereas 40 percent said “implement and improve” it.

What Do Actual Doctors Think About Obamacare Now? – Forbes.

via FIRM

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