Medicaid’s Cruel Status Quo: It’s a Medicaid Ghetto

Avik Roy writes:

Last week, the editors of the New York Times called the House Republican budget “cruel” because it seeks to reform Medicaid, our nation’s government-run health insurance program for the poor. But, in fact, it’s the Times that is showing cruel indifference to Medicaid’s inhumane status quo, a status quo that will deteriorate further under President Obama’s health care law. …

The New York Times calls [Republican Medicaid reform proposals] “cruel.” But by ignoring the past success of welfare reform, and ignoring the serious problems with today’s Medicaid program, it’s the Times that is seeking to trap sixty million Americans in a government-run health care ghetto.

Read the whole article: Medicaid’s Cruel Status Quo | Fox News.

See also Linda Gorman’s Colorado issue paper: Medicaid Block Grants and Medicaid Performance.

via FIRM

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