Supreme Court & Health Care: Force Begets Force Under Health Mandates

At the Objective Standard blog, Ari Armstrong writes:

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments Tuesday pertaining to the ObamaCare insurance mandate. At issue is whether the federal government may force people to purchase health insurance. The arguments demonstrate that the mandate is a response to the problems created by other government controls of health care and insurance.

Then he provides two excellent examples, and a quote by Justice Sonia Sotomayor that displays statism by implying that if something is worth doing, government must force people do it. Armstrong concludes:

The Supreme Court should do its job and limit Congress to its specifically enumerated powers. And regardless of how the Court rules, Congress—rather than attempt to mitigate the consequences of its existing controls by means of a new mandate—should roll back all its controls, protect rather than violate freedom of contract in the health insurance market, and leave Americans free to choose how to finance their own health care and whether and to what extent to provide charity.

Read the whole post: Force Begets Force Under Health Mandates.


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