Colorado Consumer Health Initiative takes power from patients, hands it to politically-controlled health plans

The Denver Post published an excellent letter to the editor by Erik Lessing of Monument, Colorado in response to Dede de Percin’s pro-ObamaCare opinion piece. It makes a great point in very few words.

de Percin is the executive director of the (so-called) Colorado Consumer Health Initiative (CCHI).  I’d call it the Command-and-Control Health Initiative.  Here’s the letter:

Dede de Percin says, “Decisions about our health care are too personal and important to be left to insurance companies,” and, “Since decisions about health care are too important to leave to others …?.” I would retort that a far greater danger is to leave health care not in our hands, but in the hands of government.

What’s more, de Percin wants government to force people to buy products that insurance companies sell.  Also, it would not surprise me if CCHI supports mandates that distort real medical insurance into prepaid health plans, which makes patients very much dependent on insurers, who pay all the bills.   And then there tax treatment of health care (biased toward health plans), which also makes patients more dependent on health plans.


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