Worse Than Death Panels: Evidence-Based Medicine

What’s worse than death panels? Government-mandated “evidence-based medicine.”  John Goodman explains:

Now it seems the Obama administration is contemplating something that is even scarier: doctors would be given immunity from malpractice lawsuits, but only if they practice medicine according to government guidelines. The pressure would be enormous. Have you ever met a doctor who wanted to be sued? …

Washington telling the medical community how to practice medicine. Even though a recent study finds little relationship between the inputs Medicare wants to pay for and such outputs as patient survival. …

Remember these words: “evidence-based care.” They are likely to be very much a part of your future. …

So what’s wrong with evidence-based medicine? Wouldn’t you want your doctor to make decisions based on scientifically verified evidence?

Think about the calendar you keep on your laptop or your cell phone. It’s probably an invaluable aide to help you organize your life. Now suppose that instead of being your servant, the calendar becomes your master.  …

Not only are there no treatment guidelines in most areas of medicine, where there are, they are often unreliable, conflicting and incomplete.

Read the whole post at TownHall.com: Worse than Death Panels. Via FIRM.


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