False Alternative: Forced Charity or “Let Them Die”

Beth Haynes, MD of the Black Ribbon Project exposes the false alternative that Wolf Blitzer presented to Ron Paul in a recent GOP debate concerning a man who chooses not to buy insurance but then needs expensive medical treatment to sustain his life. Haynes writes:

The logical fallacy underlying both these reactions is that our only choices are to either (1) force hospitals and doctors to provide care and citizens to purchase insurance, or (2) “Let Them Die.” This erroneously limited view fails to consider the existence of humane, liberty-preserving alternatives.  It also ignores the history of increasingly intrusive government actions which have seemingly left us with only these two equally unacceptable choices: government coercion or Let Them Die. …

Our only options are not “Government Control or Let Them Die.”

Restoring our freedom will Let Us Live.

Read the whole article: False Dichotomy: ObamaCare or Let Them Die.

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