We Call It ‘Rationing,’ Obama Calls It ‘Medicare Independent Payment Advisory Board’

Paul Hsieh, M.D. writes:

Suppose Congress asked Americans: which government officials should decide what foods you would be allowed to eat and what prices you had to pay at the grocery store – Congress, or an unelected board of nutritional experts appointed by the president?

Most Americans would immediately reply, “Neither!” But that’s precisely the debate between Congress and the White House regarding President Obama’s proposed Medicare Independent Payment Advisory Board. …

The fundamental problem is that Americans are being offered a false choice: “Which government officials should control what services Medicare patients can receive: a panel of unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats or elected politicians subject to ever-shifting special interest politics?”Of course the correct answer is: “Neither.” Medical decisions should be made by patients and doctors, not by government officials. Similarly, financial coverage decisions for tests and procedures should be left to patients, providers, and insurers to determine in a free market.

Read the whole article at Pajamas Media » We Call It ‘Rationing,’ Obama Calls It ‘Medicare Independent Payment Advisory Board’.


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