Colo. SB 11-168 admits that authoritarian “co-op” will kill jobs

Colorado SB 11-168 (text), which would create a tax-funded authoritarian health care cooperate that unfairly competes with insurance companies, admits that it will put people out of jobs. Section 10-16-1107 (yeah, really) reads:

The [Board of Directors] shall design the Cooperative for Colorado in collaboration with parties that may be affected by the design and implementation of the Cooperative. In designing the Cooperative, the board … shall at least make recommendations concerning the following elements: …

Develop a transition plan for retraining and job placement that considers extended unemployment benefits for those whose jobs have been impacted by the implementation of the system.

Which jobs? People who work for insurance companies?  Insurance brokers, perhaps?

See my previous post: Government health co-op: public plan in disguise?

Also check out: Colorado SB 11-168: The health care Authority will enforce your “cooperation”

Thanks to the Colorado Chamber of Commerce and Industry for bring this to our attention.

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