The “choice” to prohibit other people’s choices

March a number of people and organizations* filed a Motion for Rehearing [pdf] in regards to the Colorado Right Health Care Choice Initiative.  The Motion contains a number of arguments that claiming that the Title Board lacks jurisdiction over the measure’s contents, which I suppose would mean the its contents are not legally appropriate for a ballot initiative. I am not knowledgeable enough on this subject to comment.

Yet, I will comment on section 5(c):

The “right of all persons to health care choice” is misleading, as the measure prohibits certain “choices,” such as choices that have universal [sic] health care coverage or a single payer system.

But you have no right to make choices that prohibit other people’s choices to voluntarily exchange goods and services with others.  Single payer health care does just this.  Government is the single payer.  Hence you may not legally choose to pay for your health care with your own money, or choose to purchase a health plan or insurance product that pays for your health care.

Even if nominally private method of payment are allowed under single-payer, your right to choose is still violated because government requires you to pay for the government plan. This is money you could otherwise spend on medical treatment or insurance according to your own best judgment, rather than the judgments of the ruling class.

If you want to address misleading phrases, how about “universal” health care?  One of my first articles about health care was called, “Universal” health care kills. The term glosses over a major point of health care politics: having coverage doesn’t mean you get medical care.

* The movants are: Dr. Mark Earnest, Peter Leibig, Aleber Schnellbacker, Jr., AARP Colorado, the Colorado Community Health Network, the Colorado Coalition for the Medical Underserved, and the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative

(Thanks to Linda Gorman for the heads up.)


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