Top Ten Myths of American Health Care

Sally Pipes from the Pacific Research Institute has published this new book through .  Here’s the Table of Contents:

Foreword by Steve Forbes
Myth One: Government Health Care Is More Efficient
Myth Two: We’re Spending Too Much on Health Care
Myth Three: Forty-Six Million Americans Can’t Get Health Care
Myth Four: High Drug Prices Drive Up Health Care Costs
Myth Five: Importing Drugs Would Reduce Health Care Costs
Myth Six: Universal Coverage Can Be Achieved by Forcing Everyone to Buy Insurance
Myth Seven: Government Prevention Programs Reduce Health Care Costs
Myth Eight: We Need More Government to Insure Poor Americans
Myth Nine: Health Information Technology Is a Silver Bullet for Reducing Costs
Myth Ten: Government-Run Health Care Systems in Other Countries are Better and Cheaper than America’s
Solutions: Markets, Consumer Choice, and Innovation

You can buy the book or download a free PDF version here.


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One response to “Top Ten Myths of American Health Care

  1. Joe DuPont

    Andrew Johnson’s Arizonia Republic article about the evils of mandatory health insurance was
    encouraging. However citing Steve Forbes as one of the people who are against it does not help his case. If Steve Forbes was real presidential material he would stated that he would drop his own health insurance when the bill was made into law and pledge to refuse to pay any fines or resultant taxes for doing so. If he had any substance he would pledge to risk jail and fight it to the supreme court!
    He would also ask his fat cat capitalistic friends to do like wise. The public option and abortion issues were only smoke screens to give the insurance companies 100% market share under the threat of
    prison. It is so obvious what this shell game was. With mandatory health insurance there is no supply and demand. Obama Care is health care at gun point!

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