Obama’s chains that bind us

chain gang“If I were designing a system from scratch, I would probably go ahead with a single-payer system,” said Barack Obama at a town hall meeting in New Mexico.  He has said this before, and it should suprise no one.    After all, Senator Obama believes that

We need to reclaim the idea that in this country, we’re all in it together. That is America’s very promise. …

So it’s OK if people die waiting for care under single-payer regimes or wait for months (also here).  That’s OK, so long as we’re “in it together.”  Equality is more important than than being able to spend your own money on health care.  That wouldn’t be fair.  We need a single payer – the government as a monopolistic insurance company.  Put your wallet back in your pocket and get back in line! (Unless you know the right people, then you can jump the queue.)

When Obama says “we’re all in it together,” he’s not talking about common courtesy toward your neighbors, or treating others as you would be treated (or refraining from treating others…).   He means that he wants to use the strong arm of the law to force us all to be in it together

A good political cartoon could have Obama’s “all in it together” quote under a drawing of him forcing a bunch of people into, say, a cage with the sign “single payer health care.”


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